Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Private Label Product Research

Majority of people would agree, the most time-consuming process of Amazon FBA is Product Hunting. If you don’t agree, please share some innermost thought process with us.

Some of the methods I've tried:

1. Seed Keyword: At first I thought, we should start with single-word-noun in MerchantWords and check each search term if its viable for product launch. I guess I checked almost 20,000+ keywords, found may be 1 or 2, but not working on it due to one or another reason.

2. Popular Niche: People said go find in Kitchen & Dining, I’ve atleast checked like 100 specific utensils, found few, most of which are being already launched using EC’s platform.

3. Random Browsing: I found 2 products in party, 2 in home decoration and 1 in home, all found during random browsing while using one of above method or something.

💡 Tip:

1. Go Opposite. begin your search in a category which is not recommended by someone publicly.

2. Most Difficult: Try to choose a method of searching which most of the people find difficult.