Choosing the right domain name is an essential part!

Choosing a name that accurately conveys your organization’s mission, vision and values is key to ensuring your online presence is recognized both within and beyond your industry sphere of influence. Your choice may also help ensure that people will recognize your website from other sites on the Internet.

The most important part of selecting an appropriate domain name is to understand exactly what you are trying to convey. If a domain name is being used in the name of a website and it sounds similar (e.g.,, please carefully study the website and make sure it is not just another website that contains the exact same concept (e.g., The Amazon Review,;; or

Another factor that is important in choosing the right domain name is to use a unique identifier that uniquely identifies a domain (i.e., your company name or your city name).

To give the domain name a more authentic and memorable feel, don’t use a shortened e (a very common spelling of the root) which is a little harder to pronounce and remember. Instead try a more distinctive domain name like, say, It’s a much more authentic name in the world of ecommerce and helps to increase your visibility.


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