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Once you’ve successfully launched your product, positioned in top 5 and busy in celebrations, you might forget the real battle ahead, that is, sustain the position with Organic Orders.Nisi a diam id a himenaeos condimentum laoreet per a neque habitant leo feugiat viverra nisl sagittis a curabitur parturient nisi adipiscing. A parturient dapibus pulvinar arcu a suspendisse sagittis mus mollis at a nec placerat sociosqu himenaeos litora fames habitant suscipit tempus scelerisque ridiculus mi ullamcorper per ridiculus proin condimentum.

Primary Things

There are two primary things you will need to focus on;

  • Price PointNot every niche bring sales by lowering the price, some niche would slow your sales down if you set low price.
  • Product Professional Main ImageYou should give it your best shot possible, consider it last resort to gain organic orders

If this is your first launch and you do not have experience, don’t worry. Learn from the experienced than experience. Browse all of the images on first page. Specially notice the images of Top sellers having improved BSR. Then notice middle ones and finally those at the bottom of BSR. Now analyze who is who and find key differentiators;

  • Super High Quality Product with White background
  • Portray your product with unique angle than rest of the competition.
  • Analyze if 3D Image will make big difference.
  • Avoid clutter – Do not throw lots of objects that would burden, prospect’s brain ~ Keep it Simple Sam!
  • If your product is small, try adding primary usage.
  • If you are selling in packs, do mention total count in the image.
  • If you have some trust seal, proudly engrave it.
  • If you are offering something unique like eBook, do add its image.
  • Avoid too much text on the image.
  • Only use licensed Image, we are working in the United States, forget mentality.
  • Understanding of licensing terms is really crucial, if you buy standard license and used image in print-media then you are prone to Copyright charges


I’ve no issue in delegation the task, I will pay service provider’s asking money without asking for discount, but will get the final deliverable either as per my expectations or beyond that. To aide my service providers, I will define (core benefits to highlight) them my product, because nobody care or know my product better than me


If you have unique angle and wanted to test if prospects will like it or not, then try to subscribe to services who perform A/B Testing. Google that.
Another thing you can do, paste your image within the different products within your niche and share overall image in your network and ask which product they would prefer buying, by looking at just image.


I’ve hired Humera and she delivered images as per my requirements, I’ve not to describe her in detail, I just shared with her my core benefits and angles I envisioned.Very talented girl! She served many clients and everyone getting organic orders, already.


I am fan of Wajahat Ali Bangash‘s overall approach towards solving a problem and looking at things differently. He used an angle in his Main Image that was completely different than norm, I was worried in the start and asked him to have another version of image with standard angle as backup. But his unique angle proved to be BIG differentiator.
Best of luck with your Organic Orders!